Apogee, an innovative leader in the distribution of generic pharmaceutical drugs, is expanding its focus to provide superior, commercially viable products both generic and biogeneric to the Marketplace.


Apogee Pharma's objective is to identify and bring quickly to market a portfolio of generic substitutes for which there are no existing direct generic competitors or, at most, severely limited competition.


Rights to develop and market: TPA, Insulin, EPO, Growth Hormone.

Welcome to Apogee Pharma.

For over 19 years, Apogee has been successfully locating sources of fine chemicals, intermediates, bulk actives, and sophisticated next generation compounds from all over the world.

With global capabilities, we are able to bring together materials and producers to supply almost any product. Through combining the expansive range of chemistries at our disposal with our in-house technical and regulatory expertise, we are able to successfully handle your diverse requirements in a quick and reliable manner.

Why Us?

  • > Superior products both generic and biogeneric
  • > Highly experienced management team
  • > Innovative API manufacturing solutions
  • > Marketing generic substitutes having few or no existing direct generic competitors


  • 20 Corrielle Street,Fords
  • City:New Jersey
  • Phone:732 738 3295

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