Apogee's Services


Apogee has an accomplished and long history of success via accurately identifying manufacturing resources worldwide, evaluating the best technologies available, and successfully partnering them with our customers. In the realm of both Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Fine Chemicals and Intermediates, Apogee provides our customers with the best possible sourcing solutions.


With a technical transfer staff heavily involved with the customer, we can ensure that the critical elements of an existing product are successfully transferred into the new source. The chemistry capabilities of the network contained within the Apogee environment allow us to successfully place most outsourcing inquiries. Our regulatory staff and audit team are on hand to ensure strict compliance at all times.


By working very closely with both our suppliers and our customers, our regulatory team can assist in the compilation of Drug Master Files as well as other regulatory dossiers. We are well equipped to advise our suppliers on all USA FDA matters, resulting in an effective and efficient sourcing process. Specializing in CGMP compliance, Apogee's knowledgeable and experienced audit team ensures that our suppliers follow the advice, guidance, and support that they are provided. This is done to help your company grow and prosper, which has been at the core of our mission and the cornerstone of our success.

New Product Development

The many valuable resources utilized by Apogee's staff, coupled with extensive market knowledge gained over the past twenty-five years, enables us to ensure the development of new products across the Apogee Network. We work closely with our suppliers throughout a particular product's development in order to meet the diverse needs of the marketplace in a timely and effective manner. Our proactive approach toward the development of potentially profitable products is just one of the many ways Apogee looks to serve our customers. We pride ourselves on having the ability to supply the best possible products upon request, and our New Product Development team enables Apogee to achieve not only our goal, but our customers' as well.